Natural Nails

At Salon 55 we offer gel nail treatments using Pure Nail Halo Gel. This type of nail polish gives your nails 14 + days of high performance wear and stunning shine. The polish is cured under a LED lamp so there is no drying time.  Easy to remove with no damage to the natural nail, these polishes will not let you down.

Builder Gel –  Halo builder gel is a nail strengthening gel applied over your natural nail to create a hard wearing finish. The purpose of builder gel is to strengthen your own nails. Builder gel can be used on its own or under a Halo Gel colour.


Halo Builder Gel Infill – The best way to keep on top of your builder gel is to return for an infill every 2 weeks this allows you to keep the builder gel strengthening your natural nail and leaves your nails to always look fresh.


Halo Gel Application – Includes cuticle work and nail file and shape, before application of a colour of your choice. Your nails will look amazing and last up to 2 weeks. 


Halo Gel Removal – To keep your nails in the best condition we recommend removal of gel polishes in the salon. This quick treatment involves soaking the nails to remove the polish followed by your nails being filed and an application cuticle oil.