Terms and Conditions

Salon 55 – booking terms and conditions

  1. Introduction: 

1.1 All bookings made, and our/your rights and obligations are governed by these terms and conditions.

1.2 You will be asked to express agreement to these terms and conditions before booking your appointment with Salon 55.

1.3 Any statutory rights as a customer are not affected by these terms and conditions.

  1. Interpretation

2.1 In these terms and condition

(a) “We” means Salon 55 and us or our should be construed accordingly

(b) “You” means our customer or prospective customer under these terms and conditions (and your should be construed accordingly

(c) “Booking” means a booking in respect which may be made by you under these terms and conditions and:

(d) “Force majeure event” means an event that is, or a series of related events that are, beyond our reasonable control

  1. Payments

3.1 You must pay the applicable price for your services during the checkout procedure

3.2 Online bookings incur a deposit and will be taken upon making your booking

3.3 Extra charges may apply on the date of your appointment due to extra colour or time spent

  1. Variation of booking

4.1 If you would like to change your booking in any way, you should contact us to discuss you requested changes.

4.2 In the event of your stylist falling ill and being unable to carry out your appointment an alternative stylist, time and date may be offered however we will always try to adapt this to the best we can to suit you

  1. Cancellation of booking with us

5.1 Any rights you may have under section 5 are additional to your statutory rights

5.2 You may cancel your booking with us but we required at least 24 hours notice to avoid a charge

5.3 If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice a 50% charge of the overall bill will be charged

5.4 If you refuse to pay the cancellation charge for the booking you didn’t attend or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged the 50% as an upfront non refundable deposit on future bookings

  1. Warranties and representations

6.1 You warrant and represent to us that you

(a) You are legally capable of entering into binding contracts;

(b) You have full authority, power and capacity to agree to these terms and conditions;

(c) All the information that you have provide to us with you booking is true, accurate, complete, current and non-misleading

  1. Confirmation of agreement to our terms and conditions

7.1 You agree to Salon 55’s terms and conditions